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Experience a seamless process that saves you time and ensures optimal quality tailored for projects both big and small. Our state-of-the-art dustless blasting services deliver rapid, safe, and precise results. Whether you're a contractor, a city government maintenance official, a homeowner, or a business owner, our methods are suitable for a wide range of applications—from industrial and public works to residential and commercial projects. We offer the ultimate solution for removing paint, grime, graffiti, and more while adhering to the highest safety standards.

What is ecoblasting?


Ecoblasting (sometimes called dustless blasting) is an environmentally friendly, innovative paint stripping and cleaning solution that can clean and remove virtually any coating from almost any surface without creating a cloud of dust.

Our process works by mixing water and an abrasive inside our blast tank before being sprayed out of the cleaning nozzle. By adding water to the abrasive before blasting, we can increase the mass and energy our blaster puts out while suppressing dust that can harm the environment.

Why Choose A&J Ecoblasting for Dustless Blasting?

What truly distinguishes us from the rest is our commitment to sustainability and public health. We exclusively use 100% recycled media mixed with water in our blasting processes. This innovative approach not only prevents harmful particles from dispersing into the air you breathe but also keeps contaminants from affecting the broader environment. We are fully licensed and bonded, equipped with workers' compensation, and carry comprehensive insurance coverage to meet the elevated requirements of larger projects.
Eco-Friendly & Safe
We’re not just in the business of blasting; we're in the business of protecting the environment and public health. Our methods are OSHA-compliant and leave a minimal carbon footprint.
When time is money, efficiency is key. Our dustless blasting services can save you a considerable amount—making your next big project a financial win-win.
Regulatory Compliant
Our dustless blasting solutions meet or exceed all regulatory standards, ensuring your project stays on the right side of the law.

How It Works

The ecoblasting process is very simple and clean. Other sandblasting and surface cleaning services create unnecessary messes and environmental hazards. Our technology surpasses harmful dust and debris and leverages environmentally friendly, recycled materials for abrasion.


We start by masking any surface that will not be blasted to ensure that everything is adequately protected.

Dustless Blasting

Our dustless blasting system removes coatings from the target surface. No warping or damage is done!

Rust-Inhibiting Finish

A rust-inhibiting finish protects the surface, even before new coatings are applied.

Green Cleaning

Our green cleaning process removes rust and coatings while suppressing the dust & dirt to keep your area clean and safe.

Services That Meet Your Needs

Dustless Blasting for Contractors

When it comes to industrial surface preparation, commercial paint removal, and heavy equipment cleaning, efficiency and compliance are non-negotiables. A&J Ecoblasting offers specialized dustless blasting services for contractors that meet all OSHA and regulatory standards. Our cost-effective surface preparation methods are not only fast but also eco-friendly. We make it easier for you to focus on what you do best—building and restoring—while we take care of the clean slate you need to start with.

What We Do

A&J Ecoblasting is dedicated to making the world a cleaner place with ecoblasting, power washing, and epoxy floors for residential and commercial properties in Dallas-Fort Worth.

We are dedicated to satisfy clients

  • A&J Ecoblasting, cleaned and stained the external logs of our 5000 square foot log home. After 15 years of sun exposure, wind, rain and snow, they turned the grey worn logs into the beautiful look of the original new logs. A&J handled all the scaffolding, bucket lift, sandblaster equipment and paint sprayers that were needed on the job. They were very professional and hardworking and completed the job under the original time estimate. They completely cleaned the work site, decks and driveway. We were very satisfied in the quality, and the price was very affordable (actually under competitive bids). I would highly recommend them!
    Peg Schueppert
  • We are having a patio built and the contractor stained/painted the hearth. It looked horrible and it wasn’t something we discussed before hand. I talked with the contractor and he said he would try and get it off. I said what happens if you don’t. He said he would have to replace the hearth. They are so far behind that I did not want to do that. We called A&J Ecoboasting and they came out fixed the hearth. It looks amazing. They were very courteous and had me look over everything to make sure I was satisfied with the end product. If you need any type of sandblasting, I highly recommend them.
    Wendy Aguillard
  • I hired A&J to sandblast our wood furniture. it turned out so great we hired them to come back and do our patio. I definitely recommend A&J for all your sandblasting needs.
    Jennifer Block

Ready to Upgrade Your Blasting Game?

Experience the future of surface preparation with A&J Ecoblasting. Trusted by business owners, homeowners, contractors, and city governments alike, we offer the quickest, cleanest, and most cost-effective dustless blasting services in the industry.