Why is Paint Stripping Necessary?

paint stripping by hand

Paint stripping prepares the material for a new coat – discover when it is necessary


Paint stripping is a crucial aspect of the refinishing process when working with metal, wood, and other materials. Paint stripping prepares the material for a new coat, whether you plan to repaint the exterior of your building or are reusing materials for a project.

When To Strip Paint

Removing old paint gives you a fresh start and allows for a more even new coat of paint. You’ll want to strip old paint if it is an old, lead-based paint for safety reasons, to prime a material for a new coat of paint, or because the last coat of paint was poorly done, is old and lost its luster, or you just want to change things up a bit. 

Common concerns for the need to strip paint could be:

Flaking/Alligatoring Paint

If the paint surface is flaking off or really rough with an alligatoring texture throughout, anything you apply on top of it won’t survive very long. Not only will the paint job look unappealing, it too will start to chip or create an unwanted texture.

Excessive Paint Build Up

Layer after layer of paint can lead to paint failure issues. If excess paint is causing operational issues (like the ability to open a window or door) or you’re worried about this kind of paint failure then stripping paint is in your future. There are only so many coats of paint that a surface can hold before it starts to look unappealing aesthetically and can even lead to peeling problems.


Rust can quickly deteriorate your metal surface. Blasting the rust to get to the surface and then painting it would save the metal. If the paint is old and chipping and starting to rust, blasting it is your best option for saving it.

Stripping Paint

Sometimes you can strip paint on your own with some elbow grease, chemicals, and tools, however, it would save you some time, energy, headache, and probably your checkbook if you left it up to the professionals. 

Professional sandblasters like A&J Ecoblasting can get your project stripped in no time. Whether you’re finally ready to finish the old ‘Vette you’ve been remodeling for the past year or you have some paint-chipped vintage wooden furniture you’d like to show off, A&J can give you an estimate for the time and cost it would take to strip your project.

Our team employs various types of abrasive blasting equipment to achieve superior paint stripping services.


By Leslie Radford

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