Removing Soot or Paint From Your Fireplace

Dirty fireplace

Key Points

Give your fireplace a facelift with a fresh new coat of paint by removing soot or old paint

During the spring, you’re unlikely to use your fireplace. The soot that has built up from winter use needs to be cleaned up. This is also the perfect time to paint or repaint your fireplace to give your decor a facelift. Sandblasting is the quickest, most efficient way to do this.


Ecoblasting Your Fireplace

Whether or not you have kept the natural stone or brick of your fireplace, sandblasting your cozy fireplace is the best way to keep it looking fresh. Ready to change the paint color? Using harmful chemicals is the least best way to go. 


Removing Paint

Stripping paint from a stone or brick fireplace is a really difficult task. It requires a lot of hard work if you do it by hand.

Paint stripper is a very messy way to remove paint. Not to mention its toxic nature to your pets and family.

Opt for an easier, less toxic option like ecoblasting. It’s non-toxic and can be done in a matter of minutes versus the elbow grease and hours of scrubbing with a paint stripper.

Removing paint from a stone or brick fireplace is equally daunting unless you go with sandblasting. Sandblasting is a powerful and effective way to abolish paint from a surface. Stone or brick can withstand the force and pressure of sandblasting. 

Even if you have wood, metal, or other material around your fireplace, we can secure it while stripping the stone or brick.


Removing Soot

Everyone enjoys a nice, roaring fire, but no one likes the black build-up that can accumulate over time. In order to ensure safe efficient use of your fireplace, it will need regular care and cleaning. 

It’s not just soot that can build up on your fireplace. Dust, water stains, and even food spills can leave your hearth looking less than desirable.

Using harmful chemicals will erode whatever material your fireplace is made from. It’s best to use ecoblasting.

A&J Ecoblasting is able to easily remove the soot from your fireplace and restore it to its former beauty. 


Ready to clean up your fireplace or prep it for a fresh coat of paint? Give A&J Ecoblasting a call.


By Leslie Radford

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