Making Old Wood New Again

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Making Old Wood New Again


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Wood Furniture

Cleaning Wooden Surfaces


Advantages of Ecoblasting Wood Surfaces


Dustless blasting is exceptional for the removal of paint, polyurethane, lacquer, stain, and any other coating from wood quickly and easily. Ecoblasting (an environmentally friendly, innovative paint stripping and cleaning solution that can clean and remove virtually any coating from virtually any surface, without creating a cloud of dust) is safe for hard and softwoods. From furniture to decks to house trim, we can make old wood look brand new.


Ecoblasting Wood Furniture

Ecoblasting is a sought-after process for cleaning old paint or finishing furniture. In order for new paint or stain to stick, the old finish has to be removed.

For wood, our blasting technique is done without attacking the wood fiber, and with granules that do not deform or dislodge wood fiber. Traditional sanding or sandblasting is harsher on the wood and can damage the integrity of the piece. Blasting furniture requires a skilled hand.

This process is great for sculpted pieces that would be hard to get to with sandpaper. After proper blasting, the furniture will return to the state it was before the varnishing or painting and its color will be the natural color of the wood.

wood chair before sandblasting
wood chair before sandblasting
wood chair after sandblasting
wood chair after sandblasting

Cleaning Wooden Surfaces

Dusting, washing, or moping surfaces such as floors, panels, trim, or furniture is not enough to clean them or to give them a quality finish. Years of grime can be removed from wood surfaces with ecoblasting leaving a refreshed look. 

Stripping paint on wood surfaces can be a tedious job. Even in an enclosed area, ecoblasting can be a viable way to remove paint from wooden rafters and beams, for example. It can also be performed in a safe, effective manner. Large projects (like warehouses or wood siding) can be done swiftly with our process. Smaller projects (like interior trim in your home) can also be done with ease and without damage.

Many people don’t realize how harsh chemicals can be on wood and their selves. Chemicals could ruin the structural integrity of the wood. Chemicals may also create health problems. Using chemicals on large projects leads to inconsistency overall. Any way you look at it, chemicals are too harsh for wood, especially antique wood, and aren’t a useful option.

With ecoblasting, layers are removed leaving the original wood exposed and ready for new paint, stain, or to leave for a raw, natural look, without the abrasiveness of chemicals.

Sanding surfaces can be messy and hazardous to your health. Because our process is clean, there will be no residuals left behind on the woodwork itself or surrounding areas. Clean-up is a breeze. 


Ecoblasting to Create Effects in the Wood

Blasting can have several different effects on wood, depending on what media is used. It can be used to bring out the natural grain in the wood or add texture for a specific look. So not only can ecoblasting be used for cleaning, you can add a whole new dimension to your wood with creative flair (like weathering or a rustic vibe.)


Advantages of Ecoblasting Wood Surfaces

The blasting process involves several advantages besides smoothing wood surfaces. 

  • No harsh chemicals are used
  • Easy clean up (90% less dust than other blasting techniques)
  • No shrinkage or warping
  • Requires little containment
  • Keeps the integrity of the wood surface
  • Quick process
  • Removes traces of wood chemicals that are present there as a result of chemical treatment for the manufacture of wood parts
  • Helps to close the wood pores by pushing the fibers back into the wood
  • Improves the quality of rough surfaces by strengthening small cracks on the surface and smooths them
  • Allows the use of a wide variety of materials
  • Provides flexibility in terms of wetting pressure
  • Does not affect hardwood; If the pressure is adjusted, it is effective even on softwoods, without accentuated wear
  • Increases lifespan of wood

Let Us Come To You

Many people choose ecoblasting to restore old wood furniture, wooden constructions or bridges, benches, and other items. Dust-free blasting is the best solution for more aesthetically pleasing wood elements. This solution increases the lifespan of a piece of furniture or construction.

At A&J Ecoblasting, we have a mobile dustless blasting unit – we come to you. No matter if you’re looking to restore old chairs or siding on a house, we can help.


By Leslie Radford

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