How Ecoblasting Can Save Your Pool Tiles

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Dustless blasting is an amazing technique to clean the surface of your pool and bring vibrancy back to the tiles.


Swimming is a popular pastime in the United States, which explains why there are over 10 million household pools with more than half of them inground.

Pools must be maintained regularly – not just for appearances but for safety. You could opt to clean your pool tiles by hand, scrubbing away for hours upon hours and possibly using harsh chemicals endangering your health. Or, you could opt for a quick, easy, eco-friendly way – ecoblasting.

Professional Tile Cleaning

Instead of dealing with the hassle and mess of pool cleaning yourself, call a professional pool tile cleaning service like A&J Ecoblasting, based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This option has several advantages:

We have all of the necessary materials and equipment. There’s no need to go out and buy soda ash or rent a power washer.

We also have the necessary experience to do the work correctly. This involves proper waste disposal and cleaning at all stages of the operation.

You may create a maintenance schedule to guarantee that your tiles are cleaned regularly. By keeping the water clean and clear of debris that might cause harm to your pool, filter, and other components, you can extend the life of your pool, filter, and other components.


Choosing Ecoblasting Over Other Cleaning Methods

A pressure washer simply cleans the surface. However, dustless blasting employs non-toxic materials like recycled glass to create abrasive action for a deeper clean and is better at removing hard water stains. 

Because it consumes less water, dustless blasting is a cost-effective option. Our machines utilize roughly 20 gallons per hour instead of the hundreds that a power washer requires.

Ecoblasting is better for the environment and won’t affect your pool’s landscape. The material used is also compliant with OSHA regulations.

No matter how much buildup there is in or around your pool, dustless blasting can remove any grime or coatings.

A&J Ecoblasting can use the dustless blasting equipment to remove paint from pool surfaces and decks to get the surface ready for refinishing quicker.


Call the Ecoblasting Experts

With our cleaning process, your pool tile will have a nice little facelift and your tiles with sparkle and shine all season.

We are experts in cleaning these surfaces:

  • Glass Tile/ Pool Tile
  • Brick/ Concrete/ Coping
  • Flagstone/Fountains
  • Real and Artificial Rock/Stone
  • Travertine

Dustless blasting is an amazing technique to clean the surface of your pool and bring vibrancy back to the tiles. It is both safe and ecologically friendly because no hazardous chemicals are used.


Give A&J Ecoblasting a call today to get your pool tiles cleaned!


By Leslie Radford

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