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A&J Ecoblasting is the top ecoblasting provider in Dallas, TX. Using dustless blasting technology, they are able to safely remove coatings from any surface without creating a hazardous mess. This eco-friendly method of blasting removes rust and paint from surfaces with ease, and leaves behind a clean finish.

A&J Ecoblasting has the skill and tools for restoring classic cars and reviving wooden furniture. We can also help strip away automotive finishes like chrome plating and powder coating quickly and effectively. On top of that, their services are affordable – making ecoblasting an ideal way to update your property without breaking the bank! Contact A&J Ecoblasting today and get a quote for dustless blasting in Dallas, TX.

Ecofriendly Dustless Blasting

Ecoblasting (sometimes called dustless blasting) is an environmentally-friendly, innovative paint stripping and cleaning solution. It can clean and remove virtually any coating from virtually any surface, without creating a cloud of dust.

We blend water and an abrasive in the blast tank, then spray it through the cleaning nozzle. Adding water to the abrasive enables our blaster to generate greater mass and energy while minimizing dust pollution. This makes it a much faster and more convenient option when compared to traditional methods. Thanks to dustless blasting services in Dallas, projects can be completed quickly with minimal disruption to surrounding areas.

Other sandblasting and surface cleaning services create an unnecessary mess and environmental hazards. Our technology surpasses harmful dust and debris, as well as leveraging environmentally friendly, recycled materials for abrasion.

How A&J Ecoblasting Can Help

Dustless blasting has become a reliable and fast surface preparation option in the city of Dallas, TX. These blasting services have allowed businesses and homeowners to remove old surface treatments, rust, paint, and other contaminants quickly and safely. Our team offers sandblasting for cars, rust extraction, graffiti removal, industrial blasting, marine blasting, and more.

Industries We Work In

classic car with chrome


  • Paint Stripping
  • Rust Removal
  • Powder Coating Removal
  • Chrome Removal
  • Powder Coating Available
Stack of concrete pipes near an industrial area.


  • Curb Paint Removal
  • Line Stripe Removal
  • Fleet Vehicle Stripping
  • Heavy Equipment Stripping
  • Powder Coating Available
graffiti wall peeling


  • Graffiti Removal
  • Pool Tile Cleaning
  • Brick, Stone, and Granite Cleaning
  • Wood Restoration
  • Prime and Paint Metal and Wood Fences
New metallic boats in contemporary boat-production department of factory


  • Anti-fouling Paint Removal
  • Bottom Paint Removal
  • Epoxy Removal
  • Barnacle/Marine Growth Removal

We are dedicated to satisfy clients

  • A&J Ecoblasting, cleaned and stained the external logs of our 5000 square foot log home. After 15 years of sun exposure, wind, rain and snow, they turned the grey worn logs into the beautiful look of the original new logs. A&J handled all the scaffolding, bucket lift, sandblaster equipment and paint sprayers that were needed on the job. They were very professional and hardworking and completed the job under the original time estimate. They completely cleaned the work site, decks and driveway. We were very satisfied in the quality, and the price was very affordable (actually under competitive bids). I would highly recommend them!
    Peg Schueppert
  • We are having a patio built and the contractor stained/painted the hearth. It looked horrible and it wasn’t something we discussed before hand. I talked with the contractor and he said he would try and get it off. I said what happens if you don’t. He said he would have to replace the hearth. They are so far behind that I did not want to do that. We called A&J Ecoboasting and they came out fixed the hearth. It looks amazing. They were very courteous and had me look over everything to make sure I was satisfied with the end product. If you need any type of sandblasting, I highly recommend them.
    Wendy Aguillard
  • I hired A&J to sandblast our wood furniture. it turned out so great we hired them to come back and do our patio. I definitely recommend A&J for all your sandblasting needs.
    Jennifer Block

Making Dallas a Cleaner Place

Don’t just trust anyone with a truck and equipment. Turn to A&J for your next difficult surface cleaning project. Our team serves the Dallas area. We provide high-quality dustless blasting services at reasonable prices. Drawing on decades of metal-working and industrial expertise, A&J Ecoblasting is capable of completing even the most demanding tasks safely and effectively. Our team is committed to providing quality services that produce exceptional results and customer satisfaction.

A&J Ecoblasting is devoted to keeping Dallas, TX clean through ecoblasting, power cleaning, and epoxy flooring services for both residential and business properties.