Don’t Be Embarrassed by Your Patio This Grilling Season!

grilling patio

Don’t miss out on another fun-filled Saturday because you’re ashamed of your patio



Grilling season is pretty much year-round in Texas, but summer is the ultimate time to have friends and family over for a cookout. Don’t be embarrassed about how your patio looks. Call A&J Ecoblasting to epoxy the concrete, or powerwash or ecoblast your stone, concrete, or wooden patio.

Epoxied Concrete Patio

One of the ways we can make your concrete patio is by blasting it and then laying a beautiful epoxy coating. The typical grey concrete color is boring and dull. Make it shine with a color that suits your personality or compliments your outdoor decor.

Epoxy coatings are used because of their outstanding chemical resistance, durability, low porosity, and strong bond strength. So they’ll stand up to grease drips and BBQ stains. Paint and stains are not as resilient as epoxy coatings. 

Epoxy-coated floors are also non-porous, so dust, dirt, and stains won’t be able to penetrate them. The fact that epoxy coatings make floors impermeable makes them easier clean and require less recoating and little to no maintenance. Just hose down the surface when you expect to have everyone over for a cookout.

A two-part compound mixes to create an extremely durable surface that requires very little care and will endure for many years. The epoxy may be placed and fully cured in one day, allowing you to host your next party with family, friends, and delicious cuisine right off the grill. Don’t miss out on another fun-filled Saturday because you’re ashamed of your patio. 

Powerwashing Your Patio

No matter what material (concrete, wood, stone) your patio is made of, sometimes it just needs a good scrubbing to look its best. Powerwashing every once in a while can clean dirt, algae, and other contaminants that may dull your patio or deck’s appearance.

Ecoblasting Your Patio

Sometimes your patio needs a little more than a powerwash. Whether your patio or deck is concrete, wood, or stone, we can ecoblast it to remove surface stains and imperfections. If your patio is wood, you can paint or stain it after it’s blasted to seal it. If your patio is concrete, we can give it a nice shiny coat of epoxy to make sure your patio stays looking great. Stone patios can easily be cleaned and refreshed with ecoblasting. 

Give Them Something To Talk About

Prolong the life of your patio and create an inviting outdoor space for your guests. Everyone will be talking about how beautiful your outdoor space is. Let A&J Ecoblasting take care of your patio so you can enjoy your cookouts more this summer.


By Leslie Radford

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