Does Your Brick or Stone Masonry Need Cleaning?

pressure washing a brick home

Brick and stone masonry need cleaning annually to prevent buildup of unwanted sediments and to keep your home looking new


Brick, stone, and concrete are all subjected to the elements and frequent weather, causing them to age and gradually degrade over time. Throughout the life of these materials, all masonry constructions will require cleaning and restoration at some point. While A&J ecoblasting doesn’t do restoration, we can help keep your masonry surfaces clean.



Mold, mildew, or efflorescence can accumulate on the stucco or brick on the outside of your home, especially on the north side. It is unsightly. However, hiring a professional pressure washing service restores your home’s previous beauty while also protecting your and your family’s health.

If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, it’s highly likely that you will get a mildew buildup on the exterior surfaces of your home. Pressure washing to clean mold and mildew from the exterior masonry surface of your home can help prevent mold spores from getting inside and affecting your family. This buildup can easily be removed with power washing or sandblasting without property damage.


Efflorescence is sometimes mistaken for mold. Efflorescence is the buildup of salts and minerals on masonry surfaces like brick and stucco. It occurs when moisture becomes trapped in the masonry, which can lead to mold development. Efflorescence, like mold, appears white and powdery, detracting from the appeal of your home’s exterior.

Salts in the masonry dissolve in water from rain and melting snow and ice. As heat from within your home escapes to the exterior, moisture absorbed by the brick escapes as well. Once outdoors, the dry air causes the water to evaporate, leaving a salt crust on your home’s exterior. This buildup can easily be removed with power washing or sandblasting without damaging your property.


A&J Ecoblasting has the ability to remove soot stains from the interior or exterior of fireplaces. Soot can accumulate on the masonry above the fireplace entrance over time. As smoke rises, solid carbon particles land on nearby surfaces, such as brick, giving it a black appearance. Soot is actually slightly oily due to the incomplete burning of oils in the wood. This buildup can easily be removed with power washing or sandblasting without creating a mess.


Pressurized water has the ability to dissolve efflorescence and remove mineral deposits, mold, and mildew. Professional power washers will use modest water pressure to prevent creating pores in brick that enable water to seep in and exacerbate efflorescence. Properly maintained brick or stone homes can last for centuries.

If you’re concerned about your home’s beauty and safety, A&J Ecoblasting’s skilled pressure washers will strive to make the outside of your home more aesthetically appealing and a healthier place to live in.


By Leslie Radford

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