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Key Points

Improve your floor’s appearance

Protect your floors





Cemented floors look basic, dull, and are just plain unattractive. A plain concrete surface makes your floors harder to clean, especially since it attracts dust and dirt. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have an attractive concrete floor that’s easy to clean? It’s possible with epoxy coating.

Epoxy floor coatings are quick and easy to install and last for a long period of time. A&J Ecoblasting uses an extra coat on top of our epoxy flakes which makes these floors the most durable, lasting a few decades without cracking or peeling.

You may think this type of flooring is only ideal for commercial or industrial applications, but they can easily and safely be placed in your home.



One of the best things about an epoxy finish is that it will look more attractive and elegant with the multitude of colors to choose from and its high-gloss effect on the finish which helps brighten the floor by as much as 200%. 

No more stained and frayed carpet or scratched and loose wooden floorboards. By getting rid of your carpeting, you are reducing allergens in your home and eliminating expensive carpet cleaning services. Wood floors have to be maintained every so often as well, racking up an expensive bill or just having to settle with marred floors. With epoxy-coated floors, you’ll always have scratch-free, stain-free walking surfaces.



So why choose an epoxy finish? Aside from being visually attractive, it helps protect your floor. 

Once the epoxy is applied to your floors, it will result in a hard and thick coating. This finishing makes your floors durable, tough, and resistant to various kinds of factors such as impacts, stains, chips, chemicals, and surface abrasion. This means you don’t have to worry much about your floor getting damaged from nicks and scratches, especially if you have children or pets in the home.

The thicker the coating, the better protection it provides to your concrete floors. It also conceals minor imperfections such as cracks and other flaws in the concrete surface. The durable coating allows the surface to withstand heavy traffic. 



Epoxy is also resistant to moisture, therefore it is resistant to stains and spills. Spill milk or red wine on your carpet and it’s ruined. Spill milk or red wine on your epoxy coating and it’s no big deal. 

This type of surface also minimizes the collection of dust on the surface. It is also resistant to germs and bacteria which is why a lot of hospitals use this on their floors.

Epoxy floors are highly resistant to all kinds of fluids including chemical materials. This is one of the many reasons why it is often applied in home and automotive garages as well as warehouses.


In some cases, the use of colored acrylic flakes on the finishing as well as the topcoat can provide extra grip on the floor depending on the type of coating used for slip resistance. Plus, it requires little or almost no maintenance except for the occasional cleaning. 

Another great thing about epoxy floors is that it is both heat and fire-resistant making it an ideal flooring for the home.

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Using epoxy provides several options, making it an economical approach to improve the look of your home without making it feel clinical or like you’re living in your garage. Call A&J for a quote and learn how we can help improve the appearance of your floors in no time!


By Leslie Radford

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