The Best Way to Remove Graffiti from Metal, Wood, Plastic, and Masonry Surfaces

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The Best Way to Remove Graffiti from Metal, Wood, Plastic, and Masonry Surfaces

There are some really talented graffiti artists out there. But most of the time, graffiti is unsightly, vulgar, and annoying, especially when it shows up on the side of your business or home. One of the quickest ways to remove graffiti is through sandblasting. A&J Ecoblasting is a master when it comes to removing graffiti from metal, wood, plastic, and masonry surfaces.

Get Rid of Graffiti Immediately


When graffiti strikes it is best to remove it within in 24-48 hours. Studies show that the best graffiti prevention strategy is immediate removal. Leaving it up also gives vandals the wrong message.

You may be tempted to use WD-40, acetone, or power washing. While these methods may work they are time consuming and aren’t the best for the environment. Instead, call A&J Ecoblasting. We can remove the vandalism quickly and safely. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove.

Graffiti on Metal Surfaces

Wiping graffiti with any common paint thinner (i.e. mineral spirits such as WD40, lacquer thinner, acetone), or graffiti removal products or wiping graffiti with a light penetrating oil is adding chemicals into the environment. Many of them are not safe for humans to be around either. Luckily, metal isn’t as porous as wood, masonry or plastic and will be easier to remove.

Graffiti on Wood Surfaces

If the wood is not weathered and is sealed with paint, stain or sealer, you can try to remove it by wiping it with mineral spirits. If the wood is weathered, do not use this technique as the chemicals will be absorbed by the wood, driving the paint further down into the wood. Power-washing with a 3000psi pressure washer will likely drive the paint deeper into the wood, therefore ultimately ruining your surface.

Sandblasting is the best way to remove paint from wood. It will keep the integrity of the structure with no environmental impact.

Graffiti on Plastic Surfaces

You can try wiping graffiti on plastic surfaces with a light, penetrating oil. Do not use paint thinners as they can soften the plastic and can cause clouding or permanent tackiness of the surface. Again, to avoid chemical exposure, call A&J Ecoblasting to get the job done effectively.

Graffiti on Masonry Surfaces

Many people will use a 3000psi pressure washer to remove graffiti from masonry surfaces. However, using a narrow tip will etch the masonry surface leaving an outline of the graffiti. Sandblasting is the best option to effectively remove graffiti from masonry like brick, stone, and concrete without damage. 

Removal Can Be Challenging

Many homes, businesses, and parks face the challenge of removing graffiti from their property, and it can certainly be frustrating, especially when the need to remove it is immediate. Just know that you don’t have to spend the time and elbow grease to remove signature of a hoodlum. You can probably avoid painting over the defacement if you call A&J Ecoblasting as soon as graffiti crops up.

removing graffiti

We will determine how aggressive we need to get with the removal without damaging or disrupting the integrity of the structure. When the job is done, we clean up and you can carry on with your life and business as if the graffiti never reared its ugly head.

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